2017.05.09 mapping history through the eyes of art

Travelog: 2017.05.09 Part 2


After a quick walk to the courtyard to check out the famous pine cone and sphere/globe, we went through the rest of the galleries. I loved the Hall of Tapestries and Hall of Maps! So much detail and such vibrant colours! There is a tapestry of Jesus that is pretty creepy (or amazing, it’s a very thin line…) – if you keep looking at him when you walk down the hall, you can see that his eyes are watching you all the way, from any angle

The Sphere Within A Sphere
The Sala Rotonda in Museo Pio-Clementino is shaped like a mini Pantheon, complete with an oculus that allows natural sunlight to filter through
Nero’s porphyry marble bath, large enough to drown in…
Athena has some pretty serious side eye going on here
Aforementioned “illusion” tapestry of Jesus… keep looking at his eyes as you walk past him!
The Hall of Maps
Skilled hand lettering that looks almost as if they were typed on a computer!
Look at that gorgeous hand lettering! I am in awe ❤
This was the ceiling…
Of this gorgeous room!
Every corner is decorated with care and detail… keep a look out!
The School of Athens by Raphael
Steps leading up to the Sistine Chapel
I knew photos were not allowed inside, but I thought a quick photo at the entrance would be fine… It was not.

The Sistine Chapel is gorgeous, and with all the amazing details surrounding them, cardinals locked in the chapel during conclave must play their own Catholic version of “Where’s Wally?” However, the chapel was slightly bigger than I expected.

And here comes an unpopular opinion: I find it slightly overrated, to be honest. Sure, it’s one of the most famous pieces of artwork in the world, and it honestly is breathtaking… but I’ve seen more beautiful churches in Rome ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It must have taken ages for this to be completed.
Most of the designs here are too big for my camera to capture in its entirety.
How many wonders can one cavern hold…
There is a saint for everything – even hopeless cases. So don’t give up!
If you’ve seen Angels and Demons, you might remember seeing an instrument like this used to break the seal and ring of the pope when he passed away.
I’m glad it was sunny outside, as these rooms were mainly dependent on sunlight



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