¡Hola, yo soy Collblanc

It’s been a couple of days since my last blog post, but I promise I have a good reason for that!

It’s all due to this little guy!!!

We have adopted a cat!

I have been bugging my husband for ages for a pet, and as much as I want a dog, it’s simply too difficult to have one here in Abu Dhabi due to the limited pet-friendly walking areas. Also, a dog would be much harder to control in an apartment!

In the end, we decided that we would get a cat instead. I have always believed that adoption is the best way to look for a pet – adopt, don’t shop! We visited the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter, located within the premises of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. They have plenty of cats (and dogs too, I believe) for adoption – all have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped! We initially wanted a 4-month old, but he was diagnosed with ringworm and was not allowed to go home with us. Eventually, we picked an 8-month old male tabby, who was really affectionate and quite calm in temperament.

We paid the necessary adoption fees, bought some cat food and litter, and off we went home!

He is named Collblanc, after the metro station in Barcelona that was a couple of steps away from our AirBnB apartment. We talked about getting a cat when we left for our Europe trip, and after visiting the El Gato sculpture in Las Ramblas, we finally decided to get one. We really loved our time in Barcelona too, so this name has stayed on our minds ever since we came back!

Meet Collblanc!

He is extremely affectionate, loves cuddles and is quite the talker! I think he has mild separation anxiety, as it was shadowing us the entire first day, and meows very sadly every time we go out of sight. After one or two days, he seemed to be less clingy, though not less loving. We suspect he’s an Arabian-Egyptian Mau mix, because his ears are really huge! I am slowly becoming one of the much-talked about crazy cat lady… My phone and camera is full of cat photos now!


I think he’s a good addition to our lives… With an extra member, it feels less like a “couple” and more of a “family.” It also lets me be more productive – instead of sleeping in, I need to get up around 7:30 nowadays to feed him! We’ve successfully kept him out of our bedroom after a tiring first night – he insisted on sleeping with us (right in between our heads!) instead of in his very expensive shark-shaped bed, and kept meowing at us to play with him.

He didn’t take being locked in his safe room (our bathroom) very well either – he was very angry and hissed loudly when we finally went to check on his incessant meowing. After being out and around the hall on his second day, he looked calm enough that we tried leaving him outside during bedtime. Initially, he meowed pitifully at our door, but to our surprise, it was just a minute or so, after which he just walked away and we spent the whole night in blissful silence. We left the lights on (dimmed) and played some night cricket sounds so he doesn’t feel so lonely! it has been working for 2 nights now, so fingers crossed it will stay this way. I’m very proud of him too – since we brought him home there have been ZERO accidents (touch wood)! He has been using the litter-box really well – thank you Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter for training him!!!

I’m very excited about him and he’s just so cute, even with the battle scar on his nose!

I dare you to say no to this face!!!

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