2017.05.10 in search of inferno

Travelog: 2017.05.10 Part 1


Ciao, Firenze!! It feels so different compared to Rome – lots of hidden alleys, old cobblestones and cute little shops.

Entirely by accident, we discovered the San Gaetano, a Baroque (and really goth looking!) church at Piazza Antonori, while walking along the river towards Ponte Vecchio. It was almost empty and all the black really caught my eye!


After a quick visit, we continued our way towards the river as we wanted to visit Palazzo Vecchio. However, on the way a little quaint paper store caught my eye: Il Papiro. Operating since 1967, they have been producing the well-loved marbled paper sold all over the world. (Fun fact: when I checked my Japanese travel magazine that night, it turns out that this store is the first recommended store for souvenirs in Florence. How scary is that?!)

Ponte Vecchio!


A magical world beckons…
I wish I could buy everything!!!
Grazie, we’ll be back!

After some damage done in Il Papiro, we continued on our way to Palazzo Vecchio. This is where the Hall of Five Hundred is located, and try as we might, our eyes were not good enough to spot the Cerca Trova banner. Makes me wonder how Robert Langdon spotted it… such exaggeration, haha!!!

Cerca Trova!
The Hall of Five Hundred
Love the lighting, hate the stairs…
Part creepy, part cool
Gorgeous weather with blue skies
View from the top!

Upstairs, we finally found Armenia!!! We were so excited that we could barely stop grabbing and hitting each other… and people around us were so confused because we took so many pictures in that corner! You could actually see the keyhole and the light coming in through the bottom of the door. We actually saw a staff member unlock it and entered the door, but I was too slow to take a photo of the open door…

Something familiar in here…
Mask of Dante
Another amazing room with crazy ceiling details
Map of Armenia, in the Hall of Maps
Keyhole spotted
As well as the light coming from under the door
Tucked away in a quiet corner
It was surprisingly quiet for a tourist attraction
Just in case you didn’t know, they kindly remind you with these in the giftshop

It was great to visit without large crowds and loud noises – it was surprisingly quiet and empty for such a popular tourist attraction! Perhaps we went in at the right time (around lunch time – we had a sandwich in the cafe downstairs before going in)!


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