2017.05.10 keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow

Travelog: 2017.05.10 Part 2


Florence is a place I wouldn’t mind returning to – there are so many little shops that are selling unique, artsy things. I wish we already have our own home right now, because there are so many lovely things that would make a home special! We are in a rental apartment (a very nice one, but still…) and until we settle down and get our own home, I’m trying SO HARD not to buy stuff for our “future home” because 1) there is honestly not enough space to store them, and 2) it would cost so much to ship all my garbage to wherever we end up at.

They have all sorts of knick knacks, as well as plenty of paper products
Nice to see that you can take a piece of Italy home with you
My shoes are no longer that clean, by the way
“FEED ME!!!”
Typical Florentine scenery
The Basilica di Santa Croce is the principal Franciscan church in Florence and a minor basilica of the Roman Catholic Church. We didn’t go in as it was closed for the afternoon, so we walked on towards Ponte Vecchio.
I was fascinated by their garbage collection system! There is a step pedal on the side of each garbage “bins” and the garbage drops underground!
Loving the reflection of the skies in the water ❤

We went to Pizzale Michelangelo by bus to have a late lunch and to look at the gorgeous view of the city. Well worth the visit!!! We were lucky the weather was great… Would have been best if we went around sunset but since it sets around 9:30pm daily here, no chance of that!!! It was SO sunny and hot, but for the sake of photos, I presevered! Not the best photos because we had to wait several times so that we could have no strange tourists in our photos, and at the same time trying to minimize time spent in the sun.

Walked along the river until we saw a bus stop
Their bus tickets are so weird!!! If you see the pink numbers in the corner, that represents the ticket. So this piece of ticket, is valid for 4 rides (front and back, 2 rides on each side)!!! Between the husband and I, we had 2 return rides on this piece of ticket.
Picture perfect weather!!!
A close up on the Duomo area – you can see Palazzo Vecchio on the left as well.
Lunch with a view


It’s a gorgeous view, and it would be amazing to see the sun set here!

Lots of art everywhere, be it on the walls, on the streets or the human performers themselves. Truly the Italian city of arts and culture!!!

I’ve noticed there are plenty of these classical works reimagined in the modern style, all with diving masks. They’re by a street artist by the name of “blub.”
Too cute!
The streets in Florence are more narrow than Rome, but cleaner!
Another one spotted!
Accidentally went into this place which, I think, requires payment to enter… Oops.

Saw the Medici Chapel but it was already closed. Oh well! I can always come back again. Everything is within walking distance (well, almost everything) and with all the small alleys, there is plenty to discover. I’ve only been here one day, but I think this would be a city I would love.

Closed, sadly…
The husband was pretty devastated (he’s a big fan of the Medici family). Maybe next time!



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