2017.05.11 the best view comes after the hardest climb

Travelog: 2017.05.11 AM


Our first full day in Florence!!! And what a way to start it… By climbing to the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome!! With a height of 114.5 meters and 463 steps, it took us about an hour to climb, with some stops to catch our breath in between. We had a reservation ticket for 8:30 and was in line by 8:00, just in case, because there was only a short time frame after the reservation time you will be allowed admittance. Any later that the allocated time slot and you will be denied entry!

Left the apartment early and caught some wonderful morning sunbeams


The ticket includes a climb to this tower as well (which I booked the timeslot for, but didn’t climb…)
A quick breakfast before we climb the Duomo! When we climbed the dome at St. Peter’s, we were on an empty stomach and it did NOT end well for my husband…

The view from the top of the Dome is gorgeous and well worth the climb!!! It’s much less strenuous than climbing the Dome at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City, because the stairs were designed in a way that there are little corners you can stop to rest and let other people overtake you. If you only have time for one thing in Florence, climb the dome! The sense of pride and achievement is unbeatable. (Also, bragging rights!) It’s a little cramped and dark inside, so take heed if you are VERY claustrophobic or don’t like dark places. Take a look at the photos below, if you’re curious!

The view we had during our quick breakfast… Can’t quite imagine climbing all the way to the top!
You can leave a digital “grafitti” with a tablet they have prepared there 🙂 But it was not working when we were there…
The detailed paintings on the inside of the dome
View from halfway up!
The view above us
We were the first batch to enter and climb, so there was no pressure to climb fast!
Lots of narrow, spiral stairways!
The view outside… It feels like a prison, sort of.
Almost there!!!
Last stretch!!!
This was the final stretch of steep stairs!!!

After climbing all 463 steps, we arrived at the top of the Duomo, and there we were, at 114.5 meters above ground… The glory and beauty of Florence all laid out before our eyes. The pain and sweat and sore thighs, were all worth it!!! It was a little cloudy, but better than having rain, I suppose.

Santa Croce in the distance, and further away, Pizzale Michelangelo!
Pizzale Michelangelo in the distance… Pretty surreal t think we were there the day before!
Most buildings in Florence are low, and almost all of them have the same shapes/colours!
From where we were standing, we could also see people who climbed the bell tower as well!

We visited the baptistery after that, which was featured in Dan Brown’s Inferno. Found the baptismal font in which Dante’s mask was hidden, but alas, it was roped off so we couldn’t get any closer.


Uniquely shaped ceiling of the baptistry
The baptismal font
I love the floor design!
That’s some crazy shit going on there…

The line for the cathedral was not too long, so we popped in for a visit after the baptistery. It’s less ornate than I expected… I saw that it was quite plain when I was climbing the dome, and was hoping for something more striking when I finally went in, but it was fairly plain in my opinion. On the plus side, spotted the painting of Dante with his levels of hell!


We stumbled into another small paper/book store and it’s a pity I don’t understand Italian… So many wonderful treasures to be unearthed, I’m sure!!! They were also selling ancient maps and paintings, which would make a wonderful addition to any home. Give Florence a visit if you are a big fan of the arts!




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