2017.05.11 a beautiful experience

Travelog: 2017.05.11 PM


We saw an open church door while looking for lunch and popped in to find the Santa Maria Maggiore. There were not too many people in there so it was really nice and peaceful. The churches in Florence seem to be more dark and moody compared to Rome… Emo much?


As his table was right in line to the altar, he kneels all day long!

Had a great lunch – I finally found risotto!!! The rice is cooked to perfection, even when you press down on it with your fork, it doesn’t flatten or turn mushy!

Deep-fried eggplant bruschetta!
Husband had his favourite tomato-based pasta
While I finally have a taste of risotto!

After lunch, we headed to the number one place I wanted to shop at… Officina Profumo – Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella! Quite a mouthful, yes… To make a long story short, it’s one of the oldest pharmacies in the world, dating back to 1221! It was founded by friars who used herbs and natural sources to make medicines, potions and balms. Now, they even have skincare, incense, perfume and many other items!


The shopping experience here is unlike any I’ve had before… When you pick your first item, they hand you a card with your selected item already inputted into the system through the card. Each time you want to add something to your “cart,” just hand them the card. While you go around adding things in your “cart,” the cashier/packing area in the back is already preparing your purchase in a bag! So, when you finally head towards the payment counter, everything is ready for your final check and confirmation.


After staring longingly at all the products in the store, we left with a small paper bag filled with a few items, and a big smile on my face. We decided to visit Ponte Vecchio one last time and then went for dinner. The husband finally had the chance to try Florentine Steak… In his words, “out of this world!”





We spotted more of the diving-goggles graffiti by a street artist named Blub, and actually came across a store that was selling her original paintings! When we get our own place, I am definitely getting one!



I sure will miss Florence… I love the dusk and dawn hours in this city. So peaceful, so charming. The little alleys have stolen my heart, and I am waiting to come back again someday.



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